For insurance purposes, every player & coach need to registered through Heart of America Volleyball. Players & coaches who participated in the 2021 club season, do not need to purchase the high school membership. Each high school player membership is $15. Each coach memberships is $55, and the league will cover the cost of one coach membership per team. Please contact the KCBVL director at or 913-233-0445 before going through a coach membership that should be paid for by the league.

Boys HS Memberships for players 17 years of age or younger:

*Boys HS Membership for players who turn 18 years of age on or before May 8, 2021:

**Coach Memberships:

*18 year old players are require to take the Safesport clinic, which will be available to complete in the registration system once the membership is paid for.

** Coaches are required to have a background screened, safesport certified, & Impact certified. These are available to complete in the registration once membership is paid for.