Each host school is responsible for communicating their school covid policy with the league and the teams they are hosting. The information that needs to be provided but not limited to is spectator limitations and mask policies for players, coaches, & spectators. USA Volleyball has released guidelines that can be used to help encourage safety during these time. While these guidelines are not mandated, they can be utilized as a resource for your school. Here is the link to USA Volleyall’s guidelines: https://usavolleyball.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/USA-Volleyball-Return-to-Play-Guidelines-2.pdf

KCHSBVL has put the following game day protocol changes in effect for this season:

  • During warmups, teams should not shag for opponent
  • Teams will not switch sides in between sets
  • There will not be captains meeting during warmup, the paid official will determine which team will start with serve in set 1 and the other team will start with serve in set 2. If the match goes to a third set, the team that started with serve in set 1 will start with the serve in set 3. If the match is best 3 out of 5 sets, the team that starts the serve in set 1 will do so in sets 3 and 5. The other team will start with serve in sets 2 and 4.
  • Teams will not shake hands before or after the match. Instead, they will acknowledge the other team with a wave.
  • Assigned officiating team will only have 1 person at the scores table who will be responsible for running the scoreboard and tracking a simplified scoresheet.