Registration Deadline: March 1st, 2021

What is needed to get registered by March 1st:

  • Pay $250 League Fee (Fee can be paid by credit card over the phone by calling the HOA office at 913-233-0445 or mail a check made out to HOA to 548 S Coy Street, Kansas City, KS 66105.
  • Email with the following information: School Name, Team Rep & Coach(es) (can be the same person) name, email & phone number. Can your school host home games (Y/N), if yes how many courts do you have available and what covid guidelines do teams need to follow (ex. masks requirements and spectator limitations)?

After March 1st, instructions will be be sent out for all players & coaches to get registered with HOA/USAV for insurance purposes. All players & coaches must be registered to participate in the league.

  • Coach Membership: The league will absorb the cost of 1 coach per team. Each additional coach membership will be $55. If you have more than one coach, please designate who will get the membership paid for by the league. Any coaches that coach club volleyball do not need to register again as the club coach membership covers the league as well. Coaches are required to be background screen, and be Impact & Safesport certified.
  • Player Membership: Player memberships are $15. Players who are 18 years of age or turn 18 before the end May 8th will be required to take the Safesport clinic. Players who have a full season membership from club volleyball do not to purchase the high school membership as the club membership covers the league as well.
  • Once all players & coaches are registered, please email your roster to so online rosters can be created. When sending your rosters, please designate which players are club players.

Covid Restrictions & Policy:

KCBVB will be releasing modified playing rules to ensure teams play in a safe environment. It is up to each school to communicate with visiting teams what your school covid policies are. This should include any mask requirement, spectator limitations, and any other guidelines teams should be aware of when playing at your school.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at